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OTC Training Centre Sdn Bhd is widely considered as one of the best and top training provider in Malaysia, having winning prestigious awards from MOSHPA, HRD Corp, SME100 Malaysia, Top 10 of Malaysia and the Golden Bull Award. About us

OTC Training Centre has been an innovation leader in the development and delivery of practical outsourcing training programs for the past 17 years. Since then, we have supported thousands of companies to upskills their employees with personalized content and learning solutions. Today, we have evolved to provide a full suite of outsourcing services in the learning and development field.
Our training programs are entitled to HRD Corp claim, with our trainers being certified by HRD Corp as well. As a training provider, we aspire to keep providing the best training to our respected clients to ensure their satisfaction while using our service as the training provider.


  1. We aim to offer adequate training solutions to most companies to improve their productivity, innovation, competitiveness, and achieving impactful employee engagement requirements.
  2. Our business philosophy of continuous improvement of our services, working practices, employees efficiency and competency to create value for the customers in terms of engaging the relevant and experienced professionals, optimizing participant’s learning processes and always meeting our customer’s development training needs.
  3. Learning & Development is our core competency, which is why OTC is capable of offering better, faster and affordable training solutions than most organizations can do themselves. By doing what we do best, we allow you to focus on what you do best—running your business.

Our Vision

To provide world class training solutions to all companies to improve their productivity, innovation, competitiveness, and achieving impactful employee engagement requirements. We will continuously improve our customer services and quality of our work in order to be respected and trusted by our customers.

Our Mission

To solve the corporate problem through our effective training programme.


The concept of outsourcing is actually ancient. Nobody can execute all tasks by himself. Outsourcing to others is an efficient and successful management strategy.

Outsourcing training and consultancy is a rapidly growing business strategy…not a trend! More and more, corporate executives are recognizing the value of using business process of outsourcing companies to perform non-core activities that are important to the value generation of the company.




We believe the interests of our consumers must be our priority.



Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously improving and moving forward with innovation.



We believe the collaborative effort of our team operating in the most effectively and efficiently to achieve an extraordinary goal



We strive to continuous innovation and improvement to maintain sustainability and vitality in our business.



We expect our people to uphold the highest standards of honesty and holding ourselves accountable for results.