2023 – Gold Class 1 Award at 5′ STARS OSH ACADEMY 2023


We are excited to announce that OTC Training Centre Sdn Bhd has been honored with the prestigious Gold Class 1 Award at the esteemed 5′ STARS OSH ACADEMY 2023. This recognition solidifies our position as the leading training company in the occupational safety and health (OSH) industry. We are grateful for this achievement and want to share our success with our clients, partners, and employees.

The Gold Class 1 Award acknowledges our unwavering commitment to excellence in OSH training. At OTC Training Centre Sdn Bhd, we prioritize creating a safe and healthy work environment. Our comprehensive training programs equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and best practices necessary to ensure workplace safety and promote well-being.

This prestigious award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our exceptional team at OTC Training Centre Sdn Bhd. From our trainers to our support staff, every team member plays a vital role in delivering exceptional training experiences. Their commitment to excellence, passion for safety, and continuous professional growth have positioned us as industry leaders in OSH training.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence in OSH training. We will continue investing in innovative training solutions and the development of our team. Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to create safe and healthy work environments that drive productivity and well-being.