Article – Stress and Anger Management

Anger Management

Stress and Anger Management by Dr. Alvin Teoh

The importance of stress & anger management in a fast-paced industry demands that executives and managers not only possess the ability to remain calm during the workday but also have the attitude, knowledge and skills to ensure a stress-free office environment on a physical and behavioral level. This means that you need to have sufficient exposure to the intricacies of human psychology to effectively manage your stress and anger while enhancing your workplace environment. This workshop presents you with the opportunity to enhance your stress & anger management skills using behavioral approaches other programs don’t teach.

By managing your emotions, you will also be able to tackle the causes of stress at work effectively, enhance the office environment to be conducive for work, overcome feelings of your own anger at the workplace while handling angry colleagues or customers.

Here are some tips on handling your negative emotions (RASA):

R: Responsibility

The 1st step in managing your stress and anger is to acknowledge your emotions and be responsible for them. Ask your self: What am I feeling now? Why am I feeling like this? What is it that I want anyway? What can make me stop feeling like this? Stop blaming others for how you feel, although it is their behaviour which triggered your stress and anger. The responsibility to continue feeling this way is in your own hands.

A: Admit your need help

The 2nd step in emotional management is to admit that you cannot overcome it alone. You need the support of others to help you beat those negative feelings. You can talk with someone you trust about how you feel. You can read a book about stress and anger management. You can listen to some soothing music (letting the songs someone else wrote to help you feel better). Do not sit alone in silence while feeling stressed or angry.

S: Soothe and solve

Next, soothe your feelings by doing something you like. Go for a short break if you want to. Hang out with people who support you. Give yourself a treat at your favorite café. The purpose is to neutralize the negative feelings with a heavy dose of positive experiences. After that, once you are filled with positive feelings, go and solve the situation with gave you stress or made you angry. It is better to face the situation feeling good rather than feeling bad.

A: Avoid

Lastly, after you have overcome the source of your stress and anger, think of ways to avoid a similar situation in the future. Take the lessons you have learned and use it to prevent such negative experiences from happening again. Don’t waste your tears and pain. Use it to craft a better and brighter future for yourself and others.

In conclusion, stress and anger management is all about managing yourself and what goes on inside you. Once you manage the inside, what goes on outside you in the physical world will fall into place with much ease. 

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