Article – Decision & Problem-solving

Decision & Problem-solving

Decision-making and Problem-solving Skills by Dr. Alvin Teoh

The importance of decision-making & solving problems in a fast-paced industry demands that executives & managers not only possess the ability to perform their tasks efficiently, but also have the attitude, knowledge and skills to make effective decisions and solve problems on a behavioral level. This means that you need to have sufficient exposure to the intricacies of human psychology to work effectively at the office. This workshop presents you with the opportunity to enhance your decision-making & problem-solving skills using NLP behavioral approaches other programs don’t teach.

Once you become a decisive solution maker, you will be able to tackle tough decisions using the knowledge of human psychology, enhance your effectiveness when making crucial decisions for your team, overcome behavioral barriers when solving problems at the office and handle situations & problems using psychological approaches which target the core of the human experience.

Here are some tips to make better decisions and solve problems (DONE):

D: Do

Many of us like to discuss and dissect a situation over and over again, but never do anything. But it will never be solved unless and until we take action. Take the 1st step even if we do not know what the 3rd or 4th steps will be. Just decide to do something productive now. Do not wait for the perfect moment to start because perfect moments do not exist in the working world. Therefore, the most important key in making decisions and solving problems is: Do.

O: Obstacles

As we start doing something, we will meet obstacles. Some of these obstacles we might have already expected while others will only emerge when we start acting on the situation. Nevertheless, all obstacles hold lessons in them for us to improve ourselves and the way we handle the problem. Learn from each encounter and use it to handle the next step along the way.

N: Negotiate

In an interconnected world, whatever decisions we make and whatever problems we want to solve, we will meet with people who are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. We need to negotiate with them in order to progress forward. What do they want and what do we have that we can give them to help us in getting what we want? Too often we fail in our decisions and solutions because we forget that whatever we do, we will get involved with others along the way. The reality is that we need our team to agree with our decisions and to execute the solution. 

E: Evolve

Things may change after we decide on something. Nothing stays the same. If we stick to a decision even after circumstances have changed and we are reluctant to evolve to modify our decision or ideas, the problem will remain unsolved. The secret to success is to evolve. Improve yourself along the way. Upgrade your tools. Involve new people in your project. As the winds change, adjust your sails.

In conclusion, making effective decisions and solving problems requires not just technical tools but a shift in mindset. Think new ideas. Know yourself and others. Modify your strategies. Use both your head and your heart to achieve the success you want. 

copyright of Dr. Alvin Teoh