Social Media Marketing and Branding Development



6, 7, 8 & 9 Dec 2021 (Every session 9am-1pm)

Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu


Live Zoom


More than 58% of Malaysians are on Social Media each day and spend an average of 2.2 hours a day on all Social Media channels. This is more than double the global average of 26% and slightly more than the world average of 2.0 hours spent a day. From Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, to Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat, Social Media networks have dominated our cultural landscape. What can businesses and professionals do to tap on to this growing trend? How can one leverage on the power of Social to grow a business?

How deeply have you thought about your brand? Is it intentional, or just an afterthought? What does each component—your logo, your website, your service, and even your culture—say to customers? Advanced branding means thinking about what distinguishes your company from the rest, and incorporating it into every single touchpoint of the business: design, messaging, marketing and PR, and company vision. Learn what branding really is, how it works, and how you can build and maintain a more competitive brand

This intensive 2-day Social Media Marketing and branding workshop provides a realistic hands-on setting for beginners to embark on a Social Media Marketing and branding journey. Peppered with case studies and practical both local and international, role-playing scenarios, and hands-on activities, delegates will learn how to create, grow, and measure Social Media Marketing campaigns and manage their brand. Throughout the course, delegates will also be equipped with a rigorous step-by-step process in creating, managing, sustaining and measuring their Social Media Marketing and branding efforts.



  • New to or looking to learn more about the latest social media trends
  • Looking for an overview of social media or get to grips with the platforms
  • Enhancing your knowledge of the latest trends and developments
  • Wanting to learn about best practice
  • Confused about the best platforms for your organisation to achieve its goals
  • Already using social media and looking to increase your return on investment
  • Looking for tools to optimise your existing social media activities
  • Looking to monitor and measure your social media efforts
  • Creating a social media marketing plan for your business
  • Understanding the impact of the organization’s corporate image on its long-term success,
  • Understanding how the corporate image directly impacts the organization’s ability to build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with customers,
  • Identify the requirements for effective and strong corporate branding.