This intensive 2-day course is a marketing-focused course that helps businesses to leverage video for richer customer experience, develop new business opportunities and gain competitive advantage using a video marketing strategy encompassing Social Media & Conversion Rate Optimisation.


Learn how to be pragmatic by applying creativity with consumer involvement. Also learn why the TV-way is not as effective anymore. Online consumers expect different directions and interactions in a message. Learn the real shift from One-to-Many to One-to-One discussion with your direct prospects. This course helps marketers and companies to develop the right video strategy, the right content and the right techniques for increasing traffic, views and, ultimately, conversions.

This programme is intended to assist the participants overcome the above issues.



  • Why online video is has become one of the most effective marketing tools
  • How to use video to increase your website traffic
  • How to use video to increase enquiries and sales on your website.
  • Examples of companies using different types of online video
  • Video creation tips.
  • How to  use your video to market across the web , including social media.
  • Tips for marketing your video on YouTube, Instagram, facebook and linkedin



Decision-makers and emerging leaders across all sectors who are serious in improving their organisational capabilities – spanning technical, operational and management roles:

  • Senior Managers / Senior Executives
  • Marketing Managers / Executives
  • Brand Managers / Executives
  • PR Managers / Executives
  • Corporate Communication Managers / Executives
  • Sales Managers / Executives



Principles of Experiential and Adult Learning will be used.

  • Quizzes
  • Small group discussions
  • Case studies.
  • Active summaries
  • Q & A sessions.
  • Question cards.
  • Participant control.
  • Individual and group work and presentations
  • Pre and Post assessments




Module 1:

Building the Business Cases for Online Video Internally

  • Enhance brand trust & credibility
  • Provide self-help product support
  • Support corporate communication initiatives
  • Increase search visibility
  • Deepen engagement within social media


Module 2:

Mapping the Steps to Successful Video Marketing

  • Define objectives and develop strategy
  • Choose video style
  • Produce & Publish
  • Embed, Promote and Syndicate
  • Measurement & reporting


Module 3:

Online Video Category Examples

  • Product demonstrations
  • Services delivery
  • Customer and client testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Press releases and announcements
  • How to’s
  • Training and induction
  • Conference and seminar presentations
  • Guided tours
  • Opinion pieces
  • Sketch videos and animations
  • Screencasts


Module 4:

Video Syndication Examples

  • Websites & blogs
  • Social Media – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Google Places business listing
  • Customised Google Maps & Google Earth layers
  • iPads
  • Email Signatures


Module 5:

Video Marketing: Establishing a Video Marketing Strategy

  • 7 Video Strategies
  • YouTube is Key
  • Make Videos That Users Watch
  • Schedule Your Videos
  • Optimize Videos for Search


Module 6:

Gaining Exposure and Measuring Impact

  • Paid Video Promotion
  • Success with View Ads
  • Make Your Video Shareable
  • Measure Your Impact
  • Analyze the Customer Journey
  • Video Length Guidelines


Module 7:

Leveraging Mobile Video

  • Power of Mobile Video
  • Six Questions on Mobile Video
  • Who’s on Which Channels?
  • What Are Viewers Watching and Sharing?
  • When Should You Make Mobile Videos?


Module 8:

Promoting & Measuring Mobile Video

  • Where to Promote Your Videos?
  • YouTube Ads
  • Why Is Mobile Video Unique?
  • Vloggers vs Brands: Time of Day
  • Vloggers vs Brands: Upload Frequency
  • How to Measure Mobile Video
Mastering Video Marketing