Effective OSH Workshop For S&H Committee


The provision of training and awareness across all level of employees within an organization is a statutory requirement under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (Act 514). This proposed training suits for all level of employees, it provides an understanding on application of OSHA 1994 and its regulation. The training designed is to provide an understanding on OSH inspection techniques enables participant in identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards at their workplace. The course further provides discussions on why a very high proportion of accident results from unsafe acts and conditions. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in case studies, and workshops that provides better understanding on their duties and responsibilities relating to OSH.

The above training program is highly recommended for Admin & Line management staffs to gain maximum benefit. The course consist of workshops and case studies provides participant with a methodology and practical understanding of the steps required in addressing OSH issues of concern. This program can be conducted either in Bahasa Malaysia or English to suit the participant’s preference.



Successful completion of the program will enhance the skills of participants and enable them to:-

  •  Possess basic understanding of the OSHA 1994 and its regulations.
  • Understand the responsibilities of both employers and employees towards safety at workplace.
  • Understand the function, duties and responsibilities of Safety and Health Committee / Safety Officers
  • Develop the ability to conduct an effective plant inspection.
  • Understand the cause of accident and know the effects to the workers and management.
  • Accident investigation and Reporting.
  • Enhance the awareness and ability to identify and assess the presence of hazards., risks and take the necessary response to safeguard themselves.
  • Familiar with application of Protective Equipment (PE).