Accident Investigation, Reporting And Preventing Reoccurrence Training


Ensuring a safe work environment is paramount and a key part of this is minimising the risk of an accident.  To do so, steps must be taken to find out the cause of accidents and consequently help prevent similar accidents in the future.

Understanding the root causes of accidents is paramount in reducing the risk of accidents occurring.

This Accident Investigation, Reporting and Preventing Reoccurence Training covers each process an accident investigation requires and it is suitable for anyone who is required to be involved in accident investigation at work. The course will help ensure your company meets its moral and legal obligations to correctly manage, investigate and report accidents at work.

Program Objective

This course aims to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of accident investigation. It will enable staff who have responsibility take steps to avoid accidents, to investigate, to manage adverse events and make recommendations to prevent any re-occurrence.

This course will bring many benefits to your organization including:

  • To understand their roles & responsibilities with regards to OSHA 1994
  • Helping you ensure compliance with current legislation including NADOPOD 2004
  • Identifying the root causes of accidents or potential accidents before an occurrence
  • Understanding the correct investigative procedures
  • Understanding  the correct reporting of accidents
  • Delegates will bring positive changes to the working environment and improvements to safety
  • providing excellent value for money
  • We can tailor this course to your  specific company requirements incorporating your existing plans and health and safety policies
  • Accidents cost businesses time and money; training staff in the prevention of accidents will help reduce these costs

This Accident Investigation, Reporting and Preventing Reoccurence Training will ensure you have the necessary tools and knowledge needed to comply with the relevant legislation.