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OTC Training Centre Sdn Bhd designs, develops, and delivers in-service technical and engineering training, materials and support to all the technicians, engineers & managers in the industry. In OTC, we believe in connecting knowledge... both for your people and your industry. We are dedicated to delivering the right training solution, at the right time with the right results.



As the leading professional body in the filed of engineering,we have been providing high quality training to the practicing managers; engineers & technicians. To help us in meeting our quality standards, we always welcome feedback from our clients & constantly visiting clients in matching their engineering training needs. Furthermore, pre- training questionnaire is distributed before the training in order to customize the courses towards our client's background that fits them the most.

International Methodologies

More and more organizations are going into the world of globalization to secure their share in the market. In line with it, all our trainings focus on methods, skills and knowledge that can be applied in their daily working life not only locally but even globally. Our consultants have been traveled and working with all walks of life around the world to give to you the experience in training that you never come before with ample of international methods to your solutions. In OTC, our trainings are recognized not only in Malaysia but internationally.

Latest & Flexible Training Courses

In today’s knowledge-driven economy no business can expect to have a finite shape or structure. For companies to respond effectively to continuous shifts in market demand and opportunity, brought about by the enhancements of new technology, they must be entire flexible. Our training are based on years of experienced combined with the latest engineering & technical survey and research to keep us updated with the latest technology, design and information. In addition, focusing on flexibility, our training will give you the training that suits all types and sizes of industries. We offer you the range of training that are appropriate to you and your organization.


Value Delivery | In House / Public Training Program

All of our courses are delivered by the consultants who are specialist in their area, by providing the best solution, advice & consultancy to our clients. Our trainers are always being evaluated either In-House training or public training programs to ensure that they deliver the training within our standard


Practical and relevant to the workplace

Most of our clients are seeking for solutions; new ideas; latest information that can be implemented into their daily work. This is the only place where they can earn loads of solutions, ideas, latest information & technologies that can be implemented in their industries. Beside that, they will also being explored to different practices among the same and different industries.


Continuous Improvement

We found that one key to delivery better trained are through the process of continuous improvement. In OTC one of our training objectives is to provide after training consultancy whereby our clients are always welcome to come to us for consultancy or solutions if they encounter any difficulties in their daily work. All these efforts are to ensure the knowledge learned from our training are entirely beneficial to our clients. More than 10000 people trained by our consultant. Our consultants have trained more than 10,000 technicians; engineers; managers through out the years.

There's no other reason why you not choosing us...



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