Purchasing Skills



This 14 hours training program is designed to bring awareness, knowledge, and techniques to participants’ in order to become a effective purchasing professional.

In this program, driven by a trainer with over 30 years experiences in supply chain and procurement management, participants will learn the key objectives of purchasing, skill and competency required to be a successful purchasing professional.

Key areas covered by this training related to purchasing management are role of purchasing and business challenges, strategic and tactical strategies of purchasing, and key skills required to be adopted in order to be a good and effective purchaser. 



By the end of the 14 hours by interactive online session the learning curve achieve will enable the following:-

  • UNDERSTAND  the key role of purchasing
  • IDENTIFY the key skills and competencies required in order to be an effective purchaser
  • DEVELOP action plan to put in place when conducting purchasing function
  • UNDERSTAND the key objective to be achieved in purchasing
  • UNDERSTAND main task to be carry out to ensure successful execution of the purchasing process



Module 1 – The Role of Purchasing

  • Definition of Purchasing versus Procurement
  • Role of Purchasing in Operational and Business challenges
  • Key Objectives of Purchasing
  • Cycle of Purchasing
  • Definition of Purchasing versus Procurement
  • Key Fundamental to Effective and Efficient Purchasing
  • Role of Purchasing in a company business operation
  • Definition of Strategic and Tactical
  • The Ps , Qs and Rs of Procurement
  • Strategic Role in Purchasing
  • Tactical Role in Purchasing
  • Supply chain ethical requirement


Module 2 – Problem solving skills

  • Understand competiveness model
  • Problem solving method with 3 why and  1How
  • SWOT analysis


Module 3 – Building Negotiation Skills

  • Integrative Negotiation
  • Distributive Negotiation
  • Stages of Negotiation
  • Deciding red lines in negotiation
  • Knowing your opponent traits
  • Traits of a good negotiator
  • Bad Negotiator habits
  • Mistakes made in Negotiation
  • Body language in negotiation
  • Clear planning of objectives and goals
  • Understand when to walk away
  • Managing Reject and counter offer
  • Dealing with difficult negotiators
  • WATNA strategies
  • BATNA strategies
  • Break out room discussion and role play


Module 4 – Sourcing and Suppliers Selection Skills

  • Type of sourcing
  • Tendering process
  • The Cs of Supplier selection
  • Method of Cost Evaluation


Module 5 – Cost Saving and Prices Detailing Skills

  • Cost Reduction versus Cost Avoidance
  • Area of Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance
  • Key Factors to consider in Cost Reduction
  • Opportunity cost in cost reduction activities
  • ERRANT cost reduction and avoidance strategy
  • Team setting for cost reduction
  • EXCEL spreadsheet reporting on cost avoidance and reduction
  • Break out room discussion


Module 6 – Supplier and Supplies Management techniques

  • The principle of supplier management
  • Supplier segmentation
  • Supplies management key principles
  • Proactive versus Reactive Management
  • Understand key suppliers traits


Module 7 – 3rd Party Risk Management

  • Definition of 3rd party risk management
  • Cycle of 3rd party risk management
  • Strategic Risk Assessment
  • Operational Risk Assessment
  • Case study


Module 8 – Conducting Audit and Type of Audits

  • Key steps to effective audit
  • Operational Audit
  • Ethical Audit
  • Environment and Safety Audit
  • Effective Auditing


Module 9 – Inventory Management system

  • Understand lead time and reorder level
  • What is Safety stock
  • Method of determining Safe stock level for inventory
  • Kanban system


Module 10 –Understand Rule of Delivery

  • Incoterms , purchasing people must know
  • Sales of Good Act
  • Contract principles
  • Key Information in Purchase Order
  • Flow of a Purchase order
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Sep 18 - 19 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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