Are you tired of feeling perplexed by complex data and unsure of how to interpret it? Do you aspire to elevate your data analysis proficiency? Look no further! Our course is tailored to help you master the art of Business Intelligence using Power BI Desktop.

This course is suitable for business analysts, data analysts, and individuals who are eager to learn about BI and data analytics, whether you’re a recent graduate, a young professional, or a manager. With the guidance of our expert instructor, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Power BI, from connecting to various data sources to creating interactive dashboards and visualizations. You’ll also learn how to use advanced features, such as tooltips, animation, and bookmarks, to make your data more captivating and design effective dashboards.



By the end of this course:

  • Help you learn Power BI Desktop from scratch
  • Covers all the essential features and functions
  • Skills you need to effectively use Power BI Desktop for data analysis
  • You will be able to analyze & visualize data like a pro
  • You will be able to make data-driven decisions with ease
  • You will also learn how to design effective dashboards
  • How to use Power BI’s many features to effectively analyze and present your data
  • You’ll be ready to take your data analysis skills and your career to the next level



Power BI Desktop

  • What is Power BI?
  • Why Power BI?
  • How Power BI Works
  • How to Install Power BI Desktop


Basic Charts in Power BI Desktop

  • Column Chart
  • Stacked Column Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Ribbon Chart
  • Filter – Keep only and Exclude
  • View Data and Export


How to Create a Map in Power BI

  • Map
  • Filled Map
  • Map with Pie Chart
  • Formatting in Map
  • How to Change Background in Power BI Map


Table and Matrix in Power BI

  • Creating a Simple Table
  • Formatting in Table
  • Conditional Formatting in Table
  • Changing Aggregation in Table
  • Creating a Matrix in Power BI
  • Automatic Hierarchy in Matrix
  • Subtotal and Grand Total
  • Number Formatting in Table and Matrix


Other Charts in Power Bi Charts

  • Line Chart
  • Drill down in Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Line vs Column Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Waterfall Chart
  • TreeMap
  • Guage Chart


Cards and Filters

  • Number Card
  • Text Card
  • Date Card
  • Multi-Row Card
  • Filter on Visual
  • Filter on Page
  • Filter on All Pages
  • Drill through


Slicers in Power BI Desktop

  • Slicer for Text
  • Format Text Slicer
  • Date Slicer
  • Format Date Slicer
  • Number Slicer


Advanced Charts in Power BI

  • Animated Bar Chart Race
  • Drill Down Donut Chart
  • Drill Down Column Chart
  • Word Count
  • Sankey Chart
  • Infographic
  • Play Axis
  • Scoller
  • Sunburst Chart
  • Histogram


Object and Actions (Hyperlinks)

  • Insert Image
  • Insert Text
  • Insert Shapes
  • Insert Buttons
  • Action – Web URL
  • Action – Page Navigation
  • Action – Back
  • Action – Bookmark


Power BI Services Introduction

  • Creating a Report
  • Publish Report to Power BI Service Account
  • Export (PPT, PDF, PBIX) Report and Share
  • Create a dashboard in Power BI Service

The event is finished.


Dec 06 - 07 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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