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We are persuading and negotiating with others almost all the time in our daily work activities. Whether with business partners, clients, suppliers, colleagues or even family members, the success of our outcomes depends entirely on our understanding of the negotiation and communication process. When engaged in negotiations where your skill, as a smart negotiator and manager, may prevent losses, increase gains or enhance circumstances for you or your organization, it is imperative that you invest in your capability to:

  • Prepare effectively
  • Clearly understand the various personality types and their tendencies in Negotiation
  • Understand the needs & interests of all parties involved
  • Conclude better Win-Win agreements through creativity
  • Identify potential barriers or hindrances to the engagement
  • Adopt a collaborative approach to ensuring trust, rapport and long term gains

There is also a growing awareness that conflict at all levels in society is not always best resolved through force and coercion. What is needed is an increased ability on the part of leaders to develop successful outcomes through influence and persuasion rather than coercion and heavy-handed tactics. In addition, more than ever before, individuals need to be able to influence others on a 360-degree basis rather than just those individuals who report to them. This program will equip your executives and managers with vital skills to help in those processes. The course material is based on sound psychological approaches to negotiation, which include an understanding of personality, motivation and intelligence. The more practical and scientifically proven approaches of NLP (or Neuro Linguistic Psychology) and the development of rapport skills are also covered.



By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the essential psychological aspects of a range of approaches to influencing others and negotiating positive win/win outcomes
  • Apply the principles of a number of well-researched influence models in NLP
  • Develop and apply practical methods for effective win/win outcomes within your own organization.
  • Secure faster deals through powerful non-verbal techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Utilize NLP reframes to turn impending objections into a winning outcome
  • Persuade and close with a difference – where they can’t say ‘No’



Day 1 Art & Science of Influencing

The nature of influence

  • The basic mechanisms
  • The psychology of overt and covert influence


Understanding the individual

  • The importance of identity, beliefs and values
  • Assessing our preferred modalities to influence self/others
  • Self assessment to understand our negotiation styles


Understanding human thought-process patterns

  • Establish how they think what they tink to make decisions
  • Being able to shift thinking to change their decisions
  • Identifying motivation patterns
  • Persuasion techniques through understanding these patterns


Psychological models of individual and group processes

  • The significance of self-esteem
  • Cognitive dissonance to influence individuals
  • ‘Funneling’ rhetoric to influence groups


Influence behaviors

  • Specific actions-how to detect a ‘lie’
  • Body language to lead others to be more suggestive
  • Reframing for positive behavioral change


Day 2 Smart Negotiation Skills


Mental models, beliefs and understanding how influence works


A review of relevant psychological concepts:

  • Personality
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Intelligence.


Smart Negotiation strategies

  • Win/win or win/lose
  • A negotiation mindset
  • Opponents or partners


Examining power-bases

  • Practical investigation of a personal power-base
  • The importance of perception
  • Helping others change perception to agree with us


Tactical negotiation

  • Creating a negotiation plan
  • Assessing the other side
  • Tricks and tactics
  • A powerful persuasive meta-model technique where they can’t say ‘No’


Managing human states in Negotiation

  • The role of anchoring
  • Handling conflict and objections using Pacing & Leading techniques
  • Practical tools for personal state management

The event is finished.


Nov 22 - 23 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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