The demand on warehousing efficiency is one of the key toward any company overall operational efficiency as this particular area of a company operation is accounted for the biggest asset management and poor managing control will result in financial leakages.

This 2 days training program is to bring awareness, knowledge, and technique of warehouse and inventory management to warehouse and store employees in order to meet the challenging demand of businesses to stay ahead of competition.

In this program, participants will learn the key principal and technique of warehousing, inventory management, and focus more toward the important key elements of effective warehousing and inventory management.



By the end of the 2-day interactive session, the learning curve achieve will enable the following:-

  • IDENTIFY current internal strength and weakness of the warehouse operation
  • DEVELOPED an appropriate warehousing action plan to improve on the current level of operation
  • UNDERSTAND the current warehouse and inventory risk and DECIDE on appropriate action plan to ELIMINATE  the risk
  • DEVELOPED skills and technique in managing inventory with  the objective of reducing the inventory level
  • UNDERSTAND important of inventory management and using the right tool to manage inventory based on activity
  • IDENTIFY key issue with inventory accuracy and stock level and reduce or eliminate the problem
  • UNDERSTAND the concept of 6S
  • DEVELOPED the most effective layout for the warehouse
  • UNDERSTAND the importance of location system and type of location system to deploy for most efficient operation
  • APPLY the knowledge to job function



Modules Topic Covered in Module Participants Learning Objectives
1 Warehouse and Inventory Management Role and Objective

  • Role of Stores and Warehouses in Business Operation
  • Key Function and Objectives of Warehousing
  • Key Principal of  Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Public Warehouse
  • Public Bonded Warehouse
  • Private Bonded Warehouse
  • Distribution Centre Warehouse
Participants to be aware and understand the real objective and purpose of a warehouse, and store operation.
2 Warehouse and Inventory Operational Best Practices

  • Best Practices for Receiving
  • Best Practices for Issuing
  • Stock Quarantine procedure
  • Stock Preservation procedure
  • Putaway
  • Inventory Picking system
  • Managing  Cross docking
Participants will get to know what are the best practices of each of the key operational process.
3 Putaway, Picking and Cross Docking Management

  • Putaway
  • Inventory Picking system
  • Managing  Cross docking
Understanding the important of implementing effective putaway, picking and cross docking system in the warehouse
4 Warehouse Layout and Location Management

  • Type of Storage system
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each type of storage system
  • Process of Layout for effective storage
  • Key Principle of improving warehouse layout
  • Location system management
  • Case study
The right process to designing a better layout for the warehouse and store for efficient storing of goods and the different type of location system.
5 Effective Inventory Management

  • Type of Inventory in Warehouse
  • Pareto Analysis (ABC Analysis / Rule of 80/20)
  • KANBAN Supermarket system
  • KANBAN 2 bin system
  • Just in Time
  • Consignment Stock
  • Calculating Stock Replenishment Level (Min stock, Reorder Level and Safety Stock)
  • Push system
  • Pull system
This module will deliver knowledge and technique on proper inventory management system in term of stock replenishment, priority management system of stock and evaluating the best method to keep stock in the warehouse or store.

Participants will also learn the various inventory minimizing tool

6 Managing Inventory Accuracy

  • Inventory management – Auditing for process and stock
  • Inventory management – Understand Stock ABC Analysis key purpose
  • Inventory management – Review Replenishment level  with Safety and Reorder stock management
  • Inventory Management  – Push and Pull Inventory
Stock accuracy is one of the key problematic area in warehouse and store operation.

This module will deliver the knowledge and technique to a systematic stock accuracy management system.

7 Reducing Wastages and Risk in Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • 7 key wastes of Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Problem solving method to eliminate waste
  • Managing Risk in Warehouse Operation
  • Mitigation steps to eliminate Risk
  • Case study
The participants to learn the key wastes in warehouse and store management and how to avoid.

Case studies

8 Understanding the concept of 6S warehouse system

  • What is 6S
  • 5S housekeeping versus 6S system
  • Step to efficient 6S implementation
  • 6S scoring for improvement
This module will bring awareness and develop the knowhow on how to implement 6S in the workplace.

The event is finished.


Jun 10 - 11 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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